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Harmful Misconceptions About Eating Disorders

shutterstock_228722455As a therapist who has dedicated my career to eating disorder recovery, I have encountered

Body Shaming Does Not Help People Live Healthier Lives. Period.

shutterstock_256857343Recently a viral You Tube video by an uncreative comedian brought some internet attention onto the concept of fat shaming. I won

What is Orthorexia? Is there really something wrong with “healthy eating”?

shutterstock_272048915There has been a lot of talk around the term “Orthorexia Nervosa”. It is defined by Steven Bratman, MD, as,

What it Really Means to be Kind to Yourself…and How We’re Doing it Wrong

In my psychotherapy practice, I often guide my clients to a place of trying to be kinder to themselves. It seems like a very basic idea, but it is often met with some confusion on how that would be helpful. I believe that many people have been given the wrong message about what it means to be kind to yourself. I am often met with objections, the person does not want to be

Do We Need to Stop Fighting Against Emotional Eating?

By Erika Hirsch, MA, MFT, ATR

October 29, 2013


When people talk about changing their relationship to food or losing weight, I often hear the complaint,

Intuitive Eating and Creating Healthy Relationships with Food

March 14th is Registered Dietitian’s Day, and I wanted to support all the RD’s out there who are challenging harmful food myths and working to be true advocates for good health.

Emotional Eating and the Holidays – Looking at Emotional Eating and Stress Management in a Different Way

The holidays can often sneak up on us, and so can holiday stress.

“I Think My Friend Has an Eating Disorder….How Can I Help?”

by Erika Hirsch, MFT, ATR – August 8, 2011

Most of us know someone who has suffered with an Eating Disorder.

Why Does Facebook Make us Feel Bad About Ourselves?

Author: Erika Hirsch, MFT